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Pattern: Babies

Crochet babies to go with snuffykin's Doctor Who doll pattern.

10 yards of skin colored yarn
Size E hook (3.5mm)

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Birthday Cupcakes!

Pattern: Cupcake Pin Cushion By Kyliie
Hook used: H
Yarn used: Acrylic stuff from the box.

Progress: 1/12 finished. This is a year long project, I think :)

This month we do Joey Fatone and Justin Timberlake. Joey's cupcake was the first one made, and it's a white cupcake with purple frosting (I suppose). I added the little frills around the edges and the swirl at the top.

Justin's is a white cupcake with sprinkles in the cake mix and the baby blue icing with chocolate sprinkles (or chocolate chips, your choice) and blue herpes glitter colored sugar. ^_^

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Ravelry Link: Birthday Cupcakes 2011

Mrs. Timberlake

Pattern: Same old, same old ;)
Hook used: F
Yarn used: Lily Sugarn' Cream in white for the shirt, Natruallycaron.com's Country in Naturally for the skin, box ' acrylic yarn for everything else.

Progress: Finished. Finally. This means the gang is officially done :D

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Ravelry Link: Mrs. Timberlake

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Sara Kirkpatrick

Pattern: Same old, same old.
Hook used: F
Yarn used: Lily Sugar'n Cream in black and brown for her pants/shoes. Also, country green for her eyes. Naturallycaron.com's Country in Naturally for the skin. Acrylic stuffs for everything else.

Progress: Finished. Finding yarn for a red-head was difficult. Still not sure if it's the red I wanted. I wanted something somewhat believably natural, and people *coughDLHcough* kept handing me fire truck red. So I'm just going to pretend it's naturally red and just hennaed. Also, I have no clue why her boobs are so huge.

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Ravelry Link: Sara Jennifer Kirkpatrick

Baby Hats for Becky

Pattern: Baby Beanies, slight modification on the striping.
Hook used: G
Yarn used: Bernat baby yarn in white and mint

Progress: Finished! My best friend from school is having a baby later this month, and even though I haven't seen her in forever, I made her some hats for her daughter. She's been having a tough time, according to her facebook. :(

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Ravelry Link: Baby Hats

Lance's Boyfriend

Pattern: Same old, same old for these things.
Hook used: F.
Yarn used: Lily Sugar n'cream Black (pants), Brown (hair). Naturallycaron.com Country in Nathrally for skin, something acrylic in green and brown for the shirt, shoes and hair. And blue for the eyes.

Progress: 99.99% finished. He isn't named yet, see. I let the fans design him. Hair and eye color, followed by their picks on the shirt and pant color. He looks like a Mike to me, but I'm going to let the fans decide his name :D

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Ravelry Link: Lance's Boyfriend

Kelly Fatone

Pattern: Rose Tyler by snuffykin
Hook used: F
Yarn used: Lily Sugar'n Cream in Black & Natural Denim, Naturallycaron.com Country in Naturally, some Magenta and pastel baby yarn from the box I inherited. I'd call it Red Heart and Bernat by the feel of it.

Progress: Finished!

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Ravelry Link: Kelly Fatone

Scarf for Special Olympics Ohio

Pattern: None.
Hook used: I
Yarn used: Red Heart in Blue and Turqua

Progress: Finished! Made this for the Special Olympics scarf project.

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Ravelry Link: Special Olympics Scarf 2011